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      Calcium phytate
      Synonyms Inositol Hexaphosphoric Calcium Salt;
      myo-Inositol,hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate),calcium salt.
      Molecular Structure
      Appearance It is a white to off-white amorphous powder.
      Solubility Almost insoluble in water,soluble in dilute mineral acids and some organic acids.
      Hazard class Not regulated
      Item Specifications
      Characteristics White to off-white powder
      Assay (C6H6 Ca6O24P6) °›98%
      Calcium(Ca) °›24%
      Total Phosphorus£®P£© 20%--22%
      Sulfate(SO4) °‹0.01%
      Chloride(Cl) °‹0.01%
      Arsenic(As) °‹5.0ppm
      Heavy metals(Pb) °‹10ppm
      Loss on drying £ľ10.0%
      PH Value 6--7
      Mesh size 60--100
      Total plate count °‹1,000 cfu/g
      Yeast & molds °‹500 cfu/g
      Enterobacteria °‹100 cfu/g
      E.coli Negative
      Salmonella Negative
      Coliforms Negative
      Sterilization method Heat, Non-irradiated & Non-ETO
      Packing: 25kg N.W.paper drum with double PE liner inside(Diameter 380mm£ĽHeight 540mm),Or as order.
      Storage: Store in cool, dry place,avoid heat and light.
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